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Train My Heart is a new addition to Roxanne St. Claire's Barefoot Bay Kindle World and is now available from Amazon.

​High-powered Manhattan financier Brandtley “Brand” Taylor has had it. Ten years, three girlfriends, two fiancées and one ulcer is enough. Besides, he has more than enough money to start his dream business. It’ll be a dirty, sweaty job but he’s determined to open his water sports rental shop. Yeah, jet skis, scuba tanks and pleasure boats are his future and Mimosa Key’s. It’ll be tough watching those bikini-clad ladies hop on and ride his equipment.

Dixie Rose Wallace has other plans. She’s minding the store for her honorary uncle and the store is a dream come true. The Gulf Coast Dog Kennel sits right off the beach south of Barefoot Bay and the town of Mimosa Key. Peace reigns and she is in charge. No more house full of six squabbling siblings. No more untrained dogs disrupting her life. No more riding the thresher or back hoe on the family farm. Nothing and no one will keep her from her goal: to own the Gulf Coast Dog Kennel.

Neither has a clue what one untrained dog running loose on the beach does to change their lives in ways they never expected.​​